Governance of Sask Volleyball

The Sask Volleyball Board of Directors operates as a Policy Board, responsible for developing the organizations Strategic Plan and provide financial oversight to operations.  Below you’ll find a list of board of directors, bylaws and policies, past annual reports, and annual general meeting information.

Board of Directors

Cory Gratton


Lloydminster, SK

Shelly Thomas-Prokop


Saskatoon, SK

Marcus Richards


Regina, SK

Scott Cory


Hanley, SK

Nicole Sawchuk


Prince Albert, SK

Rob Tomyn


Prince Albert, SK

Jason Volke


Nipawin, SK



Have a Question for the Board?

Have a question for our Board of Directors?
Feel free to contact us (Subject line “Board of Directors”) with questions and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Bylaws and Policies

Click on a Bylaw or Policy below to view it and download it.

Privacy Officer:

1750 McAra St
Regina, SK
S4N 6L4

Annual General Meeting & Reports

Sask Volleyball will be hosting its 2023 AGM virtually on Sunday, November 19th, starting at 130pm.


Each member club is eligible to be represented by a delegate(s) as per Sask Volleyball bylaws:

1-50 athlete members in 2022-23 = 1 voting delegate

51-100 athlete members in 2022-23 = 2 voting delegates

101-150 athlete members in 2022-23 = 3 voting delegates

151+ athlete members in 2022-23 = 4 voting delegates

Delegates must be at least eighteen years of age and a Member in Good Standing.

An electronic invite with link to the meeting will be sent to member club delegates, as well as meeting protocol.

Board of Directors

The Sask Volleyball Board operates as a governance board, delegating day-to-day operational responsibility to the CEO.  The Board is responsible for fiduciary oversight as per the Non-Profit Act, and together with the CEO develop the organization’s Strategic Plan and governance policies.  The number of positions open for nomination to our Board is determined by our Board at their October meeting.  It was decided that there will be four two-year positions for nomination at the 2023 AGM.  Nominations for Board positions can be accepted by members in writing by November 12th sent to our Chief Executive Officer (Aaron Demyen). If there are fewer nominations than positions open for nomination, the Board will be eligible to fill the open positions at their discretion. If there are more nominations than positions open for nominations, an election will be held.

2023 AGM Agenda

2022 AGM Minutes

2022-23 Audited Financial Statements

2023 Annual Report

Board Nominations

Bylaw Amendments – no changes