2023-24 Tournament Hotel Blocks

For 2024 Sask Volleyball has secured blocks of rooms directly with hotels at the best negotiated rates for our members. Hot breakfast included in the price except for a very small number of cases. As Sask Volleyball receives funding back from hotels for each paid room in every block, please consider utilizing the service for your team.

Sask Volleyball has attempted to secure enough rooms to accommodate the expected number of visiting teams. However, as the rooms are available first-come first-serve, there is no guarantee that rooms will be available for all teams. As well, Sask Volleyball has attempted to only select rooms at properties that meet a reasonable quality standard, though there is no guarantee the quality will meet every members minimum standard.

To access the blocks, see the links below. Please ensure to use the contact info and booking code provided by each hotel to access the block and receive the negotiated rate.