The Regina Volleyball Club Green led the way for Sask club at this past weeks National Championships in Edmonton, finishing 4th in 16U Men Division 1.  Twenty-five other Sask teams either finished top half of their division or medaled.  See below for a list.  Congratulations to all teams for a great season!


14U Women
Saskatoon JCVC Crush   D1T2 5th (13th overall)
Regina QCVC Royal Purple   D2T2 3rd (43rd overall)
Saskatoon HVC Green   D2T2 5th (45th overall)
Regina QCVC Royal Black   D2T4 Silver (58th overall)
Prince Albert Optimist Toppers Esprit   D3T1 9th (73rd overall)

15U Women
Saskatoon Lightning   D1T2 5th (13th overall)
Regina CVC   D2T1 5th (37th overall)
Meadow Lake Heat   D3T1 4th (68th overall)

15U Men 
Regina Volleyball Club Green   D1T4 Silver (38th overall)

16U Women
Sask Stealth   D1T4 Silver (26th overall)
Regina CVC Green   D2T2 3rd (43rd overall)
Saskatoon JCVC Big Red   D3T2 5th (77th overall)
Prince Albert POW Panthers Black   D4T2 5th (109th overall)
Regina QCVC Royal Black   D4T3 Gold (113th overall)

16U Men
Regina Volleyball Club Green   D1T1 4th (4th overall)
Meadow Lake Heat   D1T2 3rd (11th overall)
Saskatoon JCVC Red   D2T2 5th (45th overall)

17U Men
Regina Volleyball Club Green   D1T2 5th (17th overall)
Prince Albert Volleyball Club Smashing Bananas   D1T2 5th (17th overall)
Saskatoon HVC   D1T2 9th (21st overall)
Meadow Lake Heat   D1T4 Gold (37th overall)

18U Women 
Saskatoon HVC   D1T2 3rd (11th overall)
Sask Stealth   D2T2 Gold (41st overall)

18U Men 
Regina Volleyball Club Green   D1T1 5th (5th overall)
Saskatoon HVC   D1T2 5th (17th overall)
Swift Current Junior Sundogs   D1T2 9th (21st overall)


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