Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add a player to our roster?

To view/edit your rosters, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “register” on the top right hand side
  3. Click “Sign in” on the right hand side
  4. Enter your email address and access code
  5. Select “Registration info”
  6. Choose edit team roster next to the team that you need to view/adjust
  7. From there you can edit the roster
Why am I being charged a membership fee if I’ve already purchased one?

The main reason you would be charged a membership fee in the VRS system if you have already purchased one this season is usually due to conflicting information.  The system recognizes an account based on four criteria:

  1. Name (first & last)
  2. Birthday
  3. Email Address
  4. Access Code

It is strongly recommended that a discrepancy be resolved to prevent double payment for memberships, as membership refunds will need to be issued by both Volleyball Canada and Sask Volleyball.  Please review previously submitted or contact your coach or registrar for that information.

My information was incorrectly entered during registration or has changed. How do I edit it?

To view/edit your account information, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “register” on the top right hand side
  3. Click “Sign in” on the right hand side
  4. Enter your email address and access code
  5. Select “Personal Information”
  6. Edit the information accordingly and click the “Save Information” button at the bottom of the page.
The “registered here before” roster is incomplete. Why?

The “registered here before” button will simply copy a previous registration form to fill in the information for a current registration form.  If any players were added after the form was submitted, they will not be included in the “registered here before” information.

Please review all forms prior to submission to ensure accuracy.

What is roster freeze?

Roster freeze is a designated point in the season where coaches and registrars will no longer be able to edit team rosters.  This is primarily used for provincials allow Sask Volleyball staff time to ensure that all players and coaches are properly registered and eligible to participate.

When is roster freeze?

The timing of roster freezes will vary from season to season.  Please check our current seasons club guide on our club resources page.

Indoor Competitive

How to start a club?
Why are registration fees for Sask Cups and Provincials so expensive?

Sask Volleyball is a not-for-profit organization.  We attempt to host fun and competitive events all across Saskatchewan at a reasonable price.  The costs to put on these events will vary depending on location; however, our largest costs are facility rentals.  There are, of course, many smaller costs required to host a good event, but the prices set for Sask Cups and Provincials are heavily dependent on facility rental fees.

What is the seeding and tournament structure for Sask Cups and Provincials?

Generally speaking, the tournament structure and seeding is as follows:

  • A serpentine seeding system will be utilized to place teams into pools in the preliminary round
  • Sask Volleyball reserves the right to adjust the seeding in order to avoid teams from the same club playing in the same pool in the preliminary draw.
  • Draws intended to provide each team with 6-8 matches each.

There are, of course, special circumstances that require deviation from this structure.  Final decisions are left to the discretion of the tournament organizer.  Please refer to the current season’s club guide for additional information.

How do I know if our libero jersey is compliant?

Please click here for our libero jersey guidelines.  If you are still unsure, reach out to Cara in our office for approval.


How do beach rules differ from indoor rules?

For a summary of beach volleyball rules, please click here.

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