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Head coach/technical adviser (men’s volleyball)

Reporting to the executive director, the head coach/technical adviser’s main responsibility is to enhance/ implement Volleyball Quebec’s athlete development model 2017-2021 keeping paramount the development of the person as a whole. The candidate will also contribute to the enhancement of Volleyball Quebec’s philosophy of excellence.


  • Continue to improve and to accompany the implementation of the “Modèle de développement des athlètes de Volleyball Québec”.

  • Systematically develop talent so that more Quebecers reach the national junior/senior programs or international level.


  • Considering Volleyball Québec’s talent development structure “espoir, relève, élite”, the successful candidate will be responsible for: planning, supervising, implementing and evaluating men’s programs. The candidate will, from the summer of 2018 and beyond, act as the head coach of the “relève (18U)” men’s program;

  • Lead the talent detection and identification program at the “espoir, relève and élite” levels;

  • Provide year-round follow-up and guidance to athletes identified in Volleyball Québec’s talent development structure “espoir, relève, élite” in terms of physical preparation, nutrition, psychology, etc. This is done in collaboration with the other head coaches/technical advisers and the athletes’ coaches;

  • Provide guidance and advice to coaches working in Volleyball Québec’s structure of excellence as well as to those receiving support from the “Programme d’aide à l’embauche des entraineurs (PAEE)”;

  • Guide and visit coaches and athletes within clubs and “Sport-études” programs in order to support the implementation of the “Modèle de développement des athlètes de Volleyball Québec”;

  • Lead Volleyball Québec’s excellence and/or coaches committee(s);

  • Act as a key resource person in the training/mentoring of coaches;

  • Contribute as an author to “Blogue Smash de Volleyball Québec”;

  • Contribute to Volleyball Québec’s internal expertise in one or more of the following areas: athlete development, psychology, nutrition, physical preparation, biomechanics, motor learning, training of coaches, etc. and disseminate information to coaches identified by the excellence/coaching committees regarding factors affecting human performance;

  • Contribute to collecting/sharing information through constant communication with Volleyball Québec’s partners such as Volleyball Canada, RSEQ, and SPORTSQUÉBEC


See the full job posting at http://www.volleyball.qc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/BUR_OffreEmploi_Entraineur-Chef_ConseillerTechnique_VB_M_13dec2017.pdf


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